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Consulting & Organization

Every day, companies and organisations of all sizes, whatever their markets or activities, have to change to simply adapt and sometimes reinvent themselves. They know where they are starting from. They have an idea of where they would like to be. But what's in the middle? How to lead these transformations and define this often delicate, sometimes fleeting and always winding way that will take everyone to a new stage. We advise and support company managers in developing strategies for transformation, adaptation and change management. We help them to design organisational and managerial change processes (human, technological, financial, IT, quality, security, etc.) according to the expected goals.

Tax advice

Taxes are of great importance to businesses given their involvement in management decisions and their impact on competitiveness. In addition to compliance, the company aims to ensure proactive and forward-looking management of tax deadlines and charges.

Our mission is to help you better understand tax obligations and deadlines and provide you with all the information to inform your decisions or assist you in implementing them. To transmit to foreign investors tax information relating to investment incentive measures in Morocco and provide them with support in the implementation of projects.

We advise our clients in fifing the best solutions in tax issues. For this, our consultants support you in all your tax issues as follow:

▪ Assistance with tax compliance (in terms of declarations, deadlines, etc.).
▪ Permanent advice on national and international taxation.
▪ Optimization of the tax issue.
▪ Tax audits and disputes.
▪ Specific advice for specific tasks.(mergers and acquisitions, etc.).


Legal advice

Our firm has a team of high-level lawyers, our goal is to offer the investor the legal structure best suited to the needs of his project and to ensure companies throughout their activity a follow-up of their obligations in the activity.

We offer our clients extensive legal assistance:

• Support during business creation, acquisitions, or transformation.
• Choice of the legal form of your company best suited to your project with drafting of the articles of the statutes.
• Carrying out all legal formalities and statutory changes during the life of the company.
• Miscellaneous advice and assistance.

As a multidisciplinary team, we also take into consideration the tax and accounting aspects related to the legal field when carrying out the project.

Social advice

Company social advice improves social relations and contributes to the quality of life at work. This involves understanding the individual problems of employees through active listening, a personalized welcome, appropriate advice and the search for solutions or relays.

The actions of our consultants are complementary to those of the company's internal partners.

▪ Setting up a payroll plan.
▪ Consultation on labour legislation (rights and obligations of employees and employers, specific contractual clauses, staff representatives, internal regulations)..
▪ Advice on income tax issues.
▪ Advice in case of recruitment and leaving of staff.
▪ Advice in the event of recruitment and departure of staff.

Our firm also offers a social audit of your company, focusing on the compliance of the company's payroll and regulatory declarations, both from a tax and social point of view, and which can also extend to accounting records.
We offer companies solutions and answers to tax issues in the field of social forecasting. Tax advice is aimed at analysing specific situations in order to avoid tax contingencies, as well as studying and implementing different optimisation solutions to help our clients make the right decisions, thus allowing them to optimise costs.


organisational consulting

In the last few years, many companies have decided to adopt organisational innovations in order to improve their efficiency, competitiveness and profitability
Nous vous apportons un regard extérieur sur la situation et le fonctionnement de votre entreprise qui vous permettra de clarifier les besoins de votre entreprise par rapport aux objectifs que vous vous êtes fixés.
Throughout our intervention, we support the change in your organisation by ensuring the training and support of all stakeholders
Our challenge is to define with you the most appropriate strategies to achieve your competitiveness goals.
In relation to your company's goals and/or needs, we draw up a diagnosis with you and determine the corrective actions to be implemented or the strategy to adopt:

▪ Planning and coordination of tasks.
▪ Optimisation of goods and information flows.
▪ Development and implementation of necessary procedures for sustainable performance.
▪ Assistance in drafting specifications.

We help you to determine and set up simple and adapted performance indicators allowing you to pilot your activity in the best possible way and especially we implement everything with you in the mobilization of human resources to ensure the successful adoption of the innovations set up:
▪ Information / Communication / Training.
▪ Follow-up meetings.
▪ Frequent debriefings.
▪ Setting up of corrective actions.

Advice on setting up the Information & IT System

The vocation of our IT team is to be at the heart of your Information System transformation operations, to contribute to the success of your company, to help you deploy your strategy, while getting your internal players to collaborate through change management and performance management operations.

The teams work alongside the project owner in business process transformation operations and Information System projects through missions :

▪ IS audit
▪ IS mapping
▪ Schéma Directeur SI.
▪ IS governance.
▪ Risk management.
▪ Updating of procedures.

Investment advice

Investing is one of the fundamental choices facing the manager, the future of the company is at stake. The investment decision is based on the company's strategic options. These define the company's long-term objectives and the means to be used to achieve them.

Our managerial experience makes us in a privileged position to provide effective support to our clients:

▪ Designing and adapting the commercial, industrial and financial strategy.
▪ Implementation of strategic diagnosis,
▪ Upgrading of the administrative organisation and internal audit.
▪ Setting up of industrial investment and commercial deployment projects.
▪ Advice on human resources policy and management,
▪ Advice and support for financial management and risk management.
▪ Search for external growth opportunities or industrial mergers.

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