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Accountancy services

The Chartered Accountant is both a regulated professional qualification and a profession. The role of the Chartered Accountant goes far beyond the mere keeping of accounts and their certification. Promoting the development of companies by providing advice and strategic orientations is an integral part of the profession.

The Chartered Accountant carries out a wide range of highly diversified missions. In addition to and in support of his main missions, he advises on the management of the company. In the firm, the services of the Chartered Accountant depend on the needs of the clients and may concern the following areas:
▪ Social: he/she can draw up pay slips and social declarations.
▪ Tax: drawing up tax returns and assistance in the event of a tax audit
▪ Legal: he/she provides legal support for companies
▪ Management: he/she can carry out cash flow monitoring, budget control and set up management tools (dashboards, ...).
▪ Valuation: for cases of transfers, contributions, successions, transmissions and mergers.
▪ Advice: tax, legal and asset management; in the field of sustainable development...

Our firm takes care of your accounting in full. We agree in advance on the way in which your data and accounting documents are to be forwarded to the firm. We then take care of:

▪ Setting up the administrative and accounting organisation.
▪ Identification of the characteristics of the business.
▪ Definition of the chart of accounts settings.
▪ Definition of the administrative and accounting filing system.
▪ Definition of the schedule of document or information to be forwarded to our firm.

Collection of information :

▪ Examination and verification of supporting documents.
▪ Filing of accounting documents.


▪ Accounting coding of documents
▪ Accounting recording of supporting documents
▪ Edition of accounting journals
▪ Drawing up bank reconciliations
▪ Periodic analysis of auxiliary accounts (customers, suppliers, etc.)
▪ Periodic analysis of general accounts

Periodic closing tasks :

▪ Recording of the Physical Inventory of the stock 
▪ Drawing up of amortization schedules.
▪ Recording and accounting for provisions
▪ Drawing up the periodic profit and loss account
▪ Drawing up of the full year-end tax package (balance sheet, profit and loss account and annexed statements)
▪ Determination of the tax result and tax returns
▪ Archiving and editing of accounting journals

Accounting supervision aims to control the accounting done by your company's internal staff.
In order to give a strategic meaning to your results, we support you in a complete analysis of your activity and your profitability:
After reviewing and validating all of your accounts, we assist you in drawing up, on your behalf, all of the periodic summary statements that your company is required to draw up at the end of each period.

Our mission involves the :

▪ Verification and organisation of your internal procedures
▪ Verification of the conformity of the chart of accounts
▪ Review of the accounts
▪ Assistance with inventory and stock valuation
▪ Control of depreciation schedules and end-of-period provisions
▪ Control and validation of the trial balance
▪ Assistance in determining the tax result
▪ Assistance in the preparation of the full tax package (balance sheet, income statement, statement of management balances, cash flow statement and statement of additional information)
▪ Closing of accounts
▪ Review of the update of the legal books

Monthly reporting is an information system and a support for the management of a company that aims to collect accounting and financial data and to summarize and analyse them.
Its goal is to give a faithful image of the financial situation of a company. Financial reporting is also a tool that is highly appreciated by investors.
Our firm assists its clients in managing their financial situation. It therefore provides them with customised financial dashboards and reports. They provide an overview of the situation and evolution of your company. Built according to key indicators specific to each company, these financial tools provide the necessary hindsight to manage your business.

Our firm is at your side, whatever your activity, to assist you in drawing up your tax and social security returns, particularly:

▪ Value Added Tax VAT
▪ Income tax on salary and wages and business income
▪ The income tax annual declaration of salaries and wages
▪ The company tax and the declaration of the tax result
▪ Business tax
▪ Stamp duty on cash collection of claims

An intermediate accounting statement is an accounting statement produced during a calendar year. It is usually initiated at the request of company managers in order to get key indicators for the management of the company. Sometimes, the drawing up of an interim accounting statement may be imposed by an event.

We assist you in the drawing up and monitoring of your statements 

Our firm takes responsibility for drawing up the tax return and related declarations if your accounting department is not able to do so

Once a year, you provide us with your accounting documents and we ensure the formatting in order to draw up the annual summary statements for your company.

As a multidisciplinary team, we also take into consideration the tax and accounting aspects related to the legal field when carrying out the project.

Our mission involves the:

▪ Verification and organisation of your internal procedures
▪ Verification of the conformity of the chart of accounts
▪ Analysis of the accounts
▪ Preparation and accounting of year-end tasks
▪ Analysis and validation of the trial balance
▪ Preparation of the balance sheet and all tax returns.

Our firm takes responsibility for the processing of your payroll and the administrative management of your personnel. We also offer our clients services relating to social and human resources management.
▪ Recruitment assistance (defining needs, conducting interviews, validating skills and competencies, etc.)
▪ Drawing up the employment contract
▪ Ensuring the processing of the payroll and the administrative management of the personnel
▪ Drawing up payroll documents (pay slips, payroll book....) and providing electronic documents and statements
▪ Teletransmission of social data to the company and to the social bodies with the help of the secure portal and allow the implementation of the secure electronic payment of social and tax contributions.
▪ Replies to requests for information from all organisations.
▪ Assistance to the CNSS control (examination of the notification, preparation of answers, follow-up of the control)
▪ Elaboration of internal regulations
▪ Administrative assistance for the setting up of staff delegates.
▪ Management of elections
▪ Presentation of formalities related to the termination of the contract ( dismissal, resignation,.....)

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